Naksan warns against carbon monoxide poisoning!

Naksan Holding distributed brochures to its employees to warn them against carbon monoxide poisoning due to unconscious stove usage during winter...

The brochures, which had the title ‘Beware of the silent killer in your house’, stated that carbon monoxide, which is a colorless and unscented gas, could take the lives of people without them ever knowing. The brochure also reminded employees that carbon monoxide poisoning could result in headaches, coma, stoke and even death. The most important measure was stated as turning off the stove before sleeping. The brochure also warns employees not to use their coal stoves during windy days, clean their chimneys and pipes before usage and call certified service companies before connecting gas to stoves.

Naksan Plastic Factories Director Ahmet Naci Fıstık, who spoke about the campaign, said: ‘As the weather gets cold, we hear about people who use stoves being poisoned. As Naksan Holding, we created a brochure to warn our employees about this with support from the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality’s Fire Department. Everyone needs to be conscious about this subject. We would like to thank the municipality for their support on this issue.