Naksan Holding distributed 25 thousand desserts

Naksan Holding distributed desserts to 25 thousand people to celebrate the religious month of Muharrem.

The desserts, funded by Naksan Holding Honorary President Şıh Mehmet Nakıboğlu, were distributed to mosques, dormitories, foundations, official institutions, Naksan employees and the poor in Gaziantep.

As it is the case every year, Naksan Holding distributed the dessert in many mosques after the Friday prayers. Citizens thanked Şıh Mehmet Nakıboğlu for the gesture.

Naksan Holding Personell and Managerial Works Coordinator Muhittin Karatop, who stated that they were keeping the tradition of distributing the dessert, said, “May this hold day bring peace to all humanity. We wish everyone a happy and peaceful holiday”.

Muhittin Karatop continued, “We wanted to remind people of this holy month with this gesture. We will only find peace if we are united. We wanted to distribute this dessert to remind the new generation of this tradition and we want everyone to keep this custom alive.”.