The favorite of Anatolia- Naksan Holding

Economist Magazine’s traditional Anatolia 500 poll has been completed. Two Naksan Holding companies have made the list.

Economist, one of the most respected magazines in the business world, has published its Anatolia 500 list. Two Naksan Holding companies made the list; Naksan Plastic ranked 22nd and Royal Carpet ranked 171st on the list.

The list of the magazine comprises of companies that operate outside the cities of Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir and have less than 50% foreign capital. The list is based on the 2013 turnovers of those companies.

While Naksan Plastic remained at the top of the list in the plastic sector that includes 15 firms, the company was yet again named the biggest plastic company in Turkey. Royal, which became one of the world’s top brands just shortly after its establishment, became the second biggest firm in the carpet category. Royal Carpet was also the number one company on the list in terms of increasing exports.

Naksan Plastic CEO Osman Nakıboğlu, who stated that the company strengthened its position in the Turkish economy with each passing year, said that the real increase that was recorded as 2, 6% in 2012 had increased to 7, 4% in 2013.

NAKSAN PLASTIC IS THE LEADER OF THE PACKAGING SECTOR Osman Nakıboğlu said, Compared to last year we ranked higher on the Economist 500, ISO 500, Capital 500 and Fortune 500 lists. We are very proud and this shows that we have reached our goals".

THE COMPANY THAT INCREASED ITS EXPORTS THE MOST- ROTAL CARPET Royal Carpet CEO Taner Nakıboğlu said, "The fact that we ranked second in the carpet sector has made us very happy. Even though Royal Carpet hasn’t been around for long, it has become one of the most important brands in the world. This is a source of pride for us and the people of Gaziantep. We are also very happy that we are the number one company when it comes to increasing exports.".

Royal Carpet CEO Taner Nakıboğlu, who stated that their goal was to improve and develop by highlighting quality, said, "You can see our goods in the most remote corners of Turkey and the world. We have Turkey’s biggest franchising network. It is a great source of pride for us that our companies and brands were created in Gaziantep and have become global brands."