District Governor Aydın visits Naksan

District Governor of Şehitkâmil Mehmet Aydın, who will begin his new posting in Bursa, paid a farewell visit to Naksan Holding CEO Cahit Nakıboğlu.

District Governor Aydın chatted with Naksan Holding CEO Cahit Nakıboğlu and Vice President Osman Nakıboğlu for a while. Aydın, who stated that he had worked to serve Gaziantep during his posting, said that he had made very good friends during the 5 years he was in the city and thanked Nakıboğlu for his support.

Aydın, who added that he had spent a great time in Gaziantep, said, “I had a great time working in Gaziantep. Now, I will serve my country in another city. I will use my expertise there. I would like to thank you all”.

Cahit Nakıboğlu, who thanked Aydın for his services to the city, said, “I believe that he will continue to serve this country successfully in a new city.”.