Naksan family met at a Ramadan dinner

Employees of Naksan Plastic SA, a subsidiary of Naksan Holding, got together at a Ramadan dinner.

Naksan Plastic family got together at the traditional Ramadan dinner. The staff, which attended the dinner with their families, had a great time. The event, which was held at the Sunder Cultural House, was attended by Naksan Holding Honorary President Şıh Mehmet Nakıboğlu, Naksan Holding CEO Cahit Nakıboğlu, Vice President Osman Nakıboğlu, board members Hilmi Nakıboğlu, Taner Nakıboğlu, Bahaeddin Nakıboğlu, İbrahim Nakıboğlu, Emre Nakıboğlu and distinguished guests.

Before dinner, Naksan Holding board members visited each table and spoke to Naksan employees and their families. Members also paid extra attention to the children.

Naksan Holding and Naksan Plastic CEO Osman Nakıboğlu, who thanked everyone for being at the dinner, wished for a happy and healthy Ramadan to employees and their families.

Nakıboğlu, who said that Naksan was a huge family, added, "With 7000 employees, Naksan Holding is one of the biggest groups in Turkey. We attribute our success to love, tolerance and a united spirit”.

Naksan Plastic CEO Osman Nakıboğlu, who stated that they got together with their employees during Ramadan dinners every year, said, "As Naksan, we have been working with our staff in solidarity and friendship for years with a goal to win and share.It is this philosophy that has made us one of the biggest packaging companies in Turkey. I hope that this solidarity will last for many more years and would like to wish a blessed Ramadan to all our employees and their families".