Nakıboğlu-We are continuing to grow

Naksan Plastic, the pioneer company of the plastic sector, was named the 133rd biggest company in Turkey according to Fortune 500 Turkey’s 2013 poll.

Naksan Plastic, which was 135th on the list last year, continues to grow steadily.

Naksan, which began productions on a 1000 square meter facility and is now one of the biggest plastic manufactures in the world with a 400 thousand square meter integrated facility, continues to develop.

Naksan Plastic CEO Osman Nakıboğlu, who spoke about the issue, said, "We are reaching our goals by increasing our yearly production capacity. We will continue to grow and go higher up in the list".

Nakıboğlu, who pointed out that Naksan Plastic stood out in all economic polls such as ISO 500, TİM 1000 and Fortune 500, said that these polls that showed the state of the economy were important in determining sectoral changes and the places of companies within the general economy.

Nakıboğlu, who added that Naksan Plastic differentiated itself in all economic polls carried out in 2013, said “The activity at Naksan has been reflected in these polls. For example, in the poll of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Naksan Plastic jumped 10 steps and got the 102nd spot. TİM 1000 and Fortune 500 poll also reveal that we have made a great leap. Naksan is rising in these lists because of a great performance within a dynamic and growing economy in Turkey. We know that this success isn’t enough so we will invest more and produce more. We made the list by investing and working a lot.”