Young Gesiad welcomed Nakıboğlu

Naksan Holding Chairman, Naksan Technology CEO, Sunder Businessmen Association Chairman and Honorary Consulate of Hungary Bahaeddin Nakıboğlu was the keynote speaker of the Success Stories event organized by Genç Gesiad.

The event, which took place at Gesiad OSB Branch and began with a cocktail, was attended by OSBÜK Vice President Süheyl Erboz, Gesiad President Mehmet Zenginer, Genç Gesiad President Hanifi Subaşı, Gesiad General Secretary Tamer Bayraktar and many distinguished guests.

The President of Genç Gesiad Hanifi Subaşı, who gave the opening speech and talked about the activities of Genç Gesiad, pointed out that the association was an important and very different non-governmental organization in Gebze. Subaşı, who talked about works regarding the development of their members, said that they listened to the experience of successful businessmen with the 60 minutes-6 ideas program. Subaşı, who stated that they were welcoming successful company owners with the Success Stories program, invited members to participate in these programs.


Nakiboğlu, who attracted attention with his likeable attitude, awed audiences with his story.

Bahaeddin Nakıboğlu, who began his speech by talking about the activities of Naksan Holding and his family, then spoke about his life story.

Naksan Technology CEO Nakıboğlu, “I went to college in the States. I was there during 9/11. No one had a camera then but I did. I had paid 999 dollars for it. I paid an additional 300 dollars and bought a 128 MB SD card. I filmed the events on 9/11 and sold the pictures to the Turkish press for 15 thousand dollars and started making money. I was interested in technology so I established our technology firm with 100 thousand dollars of capital. Thank God we are now 3 companies with 20 million dollars turnover. Nakıboğlu, who is also the president of Sunder, pointed to the importance of NGOs. At the end of the program, OSBUK Vice President Süheyl Erboz presented Nakıboğlu with a plaque.