Naksan Holding, which was established in 1940, has become one of the biggest and most successful companies not only in Turkey but in the world by being one step ahead of change with a corporate management philosophy.
Naksan Holding, which includes national and international companies within its structure thanks to its successful management, works in sectors such as plastic packaging, energy, textiles, technology and logistics.
Naksan Holding, as a manufacturing firm, has turned into a global company that is recognized all over the world.

Naksan Holding, which brings added value to all the sectors it works in with an integrated production mentality and investment focused approach, is one of Turkey’s biggest industrial institutions.
Naksan Holding, which is one of Turkey’s most important holdings in terms of yearly turnover and employment, is a global brand that exports to 140 countries in 5 continents.
Naksan Holding, which increases its activity areas and investments with each passing day, continues its successful development with quality human resources. The holding has 2 companies in the 500 biggest industrial companies list in Turkey.
Naksan Holding, which provides the same quality services to all the firms it works with, continues to grow by adding value to the society and the sector without compromising from its transparency philosophy.

Goals and Principals

  • Using resources efficiently and in a manner that will create added value…
  • Developing the topics within its responsibilities and successfully managing transition…
  • Motivating the staff to increase their will and discipline…
  • Helping the community with social responsibility campaigns…
  • Maintaining the transparent, fair, consistent and flexible structure of the company…
  • Carrying out all promises in said terms and durations…
  • Developing world standard products,
  • Creating new business opportunities is developing sectors,
  • Employing only the most dynamic people.


Naksan Holding, which makes a point of providing services within the context of fairness and consistency, is a customer focused institution.

Providing the same services to all firms it works with is an irrevocable principle for Naksan Holding. Its mission is to become an exemplary global company with its investments, productions and service quality.


The vision of the holding is to increase customer satisfaction, creation of a new and more consistent market structure, engaging in more added value products, increasing exports and making the Naksan brand a pioneer brand in the international arena.

insan kaynakları
  • Creating unique solutions by determining and analyzing personnel and corporate personell needs.

  • Leading positive charges in education, development and transition within the philosophy of caring for people.

  • Contributing to personal and corporate education, development and improvement.

  • Creating long lasting differences and solutions for win-win situations.

  • Establishing long lasting collaborations with a positive and innovative approach.

  • Giving the same attention to all employees and applicants.

The success of Naksan Holding can be attributed to its strategic management philosophy, determining valuable employees within the company and educating them in accordance with the corporate structure and gaining new approaches with every new asset.

The goal of the holding in HR management is to determine added value human resources strategies to reach a united vision and business solutions.

The strategy of Naksan Holding’s human resources is to become an exemplary group which everyone can be proud to be a part of. In order for this strategy to be accomplished;

  • To be selective during the job interview process and promotion of our staff,

  • To steer our staff towards exciting goals,,

  • To manage our staff with high performance standards,

  • To place responsibility on the management and employees for results,

  • To give opportunities to our staff to use their potential and skills,

  • And to create a management team that rewards excellent performances.

One of the main principles of Naksan Holding is to invest in a high motivated and principled staff open to innovation that is united around a profound corporate culture and goals. Naksan Holding, which takes care of every opinion thanks to its transparency principle, focuses on performance criteria in career development and places great importance on the personal development of its staff, always encourages and rewards success.

If you believe that you have a place in Naksan Holding and that you can bring added value to the brand, please e-mail your CV to with the header “Job Application”.

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Naksan Holding, which provides the same quality services to all the companies it works with, no matter what size, has succeed in bringing its high standards and energy to a wider mass by acquiring Nakpilsa Fabrics, Royal Carpet, Pierre Cardin Carpet, Royal BCF, Adularya, Naksan Teknoloji, Elma Sepeti, Verimli Plastic and finally Atlas Carpet, one of the most well-known brands in Turkey.

Naksan Holding, which was revitalized when members of the third generation began actively working in management, is determined to be the leader of the sector with its strong organizational structure that encompasses all elements from production to distribution, from marketing to sales, a huge market share and valuable collaborations.

NAKSAN HOLDİNG established NAKSAN PLASTIC in 1979 and started productions at its own facilities with three film and one automatic cutting machine.

The company, which grew rapidly thanks to a successful management and an innovative approach and became one of the top 500 industrial companies in 1995, is now a global firm with its 280,000 ton per year capacity, over 7000 employees and a strong financial structure.

Naksan Holding, which established Nakpilsa Fabrics SA in 2000 in order to start activities in the fabric canvas sector, managed to make Nakpilsa Canvas a brand after successful marketing and sales activities.

Naksan Holding focused on improvement and development in 2010 and bought Verimli Plastic, one of the most well-known plastic manufacturers in Turkey.

Naksan Plastik ve Enerji San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

(+90) 342 211 21 21
Address: 1. Org.San. Bölgesi. 83118 Nolu Cd. No:6
Şehitkamil - GAZİANTEP

Verimli Plastik Film ve Enerji San. A.Ş.

(+90) 232 870 00 10
Address: Kemalpaşa O.S.B. Mah. Ansızca Sanayi Sitesi No:304
Kemalpaşa - İZMİR

Nakpilsa Dokuma San. ve Tic. A.Ş

(+90) 342 211 21 21
Address: 4. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 83401 Nolu Cd. No:3
Şehitkamil - GAZİANTEP

Naksan Holding, which entered the sector in 2005 with the brand ROYAL CARPET, has always been a very successful and innovative company in the sector.

Royal BCF became a part of Naksan Holding in 2005. The company manufactures carpet threads for machines, wall to wall carpet threads and threads for car mats.

PIERRE CARDIN, which is synonymous with fashion, entered the carpet sector in 2006 with Naksan Holding.

ATLAS CARPET, which was established in 1967, is a very successful company in Turkey and around the world and was reborn under the Naksan brand.

Royal Halı A.Ş.

(+90) 444 97 95
Address: 4. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi. 83402 No'lu Cd. No:3
Şehitkamil - GAZİANTEP

Pierre Cardin Halı

(+90) 444 97 72
Address: 4. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi. 83402 No'lu Cd. No:3
Şehitkamil - GAZİANTEP

Atlas Halı Aksesuar ve Mobilya San. Tic. A.Ş.

(+90) 212 270 44 10 / 444 28 57
Address : Yeşilköy IDTM. A1 Blok K:17 No:475
Bakırköy / İSTANBUL

Royal Bcf

(+90) 342 211 21 21
Address: 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 18. Cd.
Şehitkamil - GAZİANTEP

Naksan Holding, which established Naksan Technology SA in 2010, entered the technology sector with international quality standards.

Elma Sepeti, which is an e-trade platform, was bought by Naksan Holding in 2010 and became a subsidiary of Naksan Technology SA.

Naksan Technology

(+90) 212 465 26 20
Address: Dünya Ticaret Merkezi A1 Blok K:17 Yeşilköy
Bakırköy - İSTANBUL

(+90) 850 250 35 62
Address: Altunizade Mh. Mahir İz Cd. N0:28 K:3

As a company that respects everything and everyone we touch and a responsible institution that seeks sustainability for the people and the environment, we are solidifying our position in the energy sector. By keeping in mind the irrevocable nature of environmental factors within production and consumption activities, we view sustainable energy as an important factor in sustainable development.

Naksan Holding, which entered the energy sector with Adularya Energy Electric Production and Mining SA in 2007 in order to produce electricity, aims to produce environmentally friendly energy and produce 1% of Turkey’s electrical energy needs in order to create employment and lessen our dependence on exported energy.

Naksan energy SA provides wholesale and retail electricity sales services to the entire country with the Wholesale License acquired from the Energy Market Regulatory Board and power stations in its portfolio that can generate over 300 MW of electricity.

Adularya Enerji Elektrik Üretimi ve Madencilik A.Ş.

(+90) 312 473 51 25
Address: Mutlu Kent Mh. 1942. Cd. No:45 Çayyolu
Çankaya - ANKARA

Naksan Elektrik Enerjisi Toptan Satış A.Ş.

(+90) 212 465 30 55
Address: :Dünya Tic. Mrk. A1 Blok 7.Kat No:269 34149
Yeşilköy - İSTANBUL


Companies that compete in the global arena have to differentiate themselves. Every company that has a vision has a responsibility to firstly seek the benefit of the society.
Naksan Holding, which is sensitive to this issue, takes responsibilities to the people living in this geography and environment very seriously. It acts to contribute to the economy and social development of this country.
Naksan Holding shows its well-developed social responsibility approach through corporate project and projects it jointly develops with non-governmental organizations.




We will reach 2023 goals with technology

Denge Gaziantep - 03.03.2015

We need to concentrate on technological products

Gaziantep Güncel Gazetesi - 03.03.2015

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